Motivation – The Energy Behind Action

Many people think motivation is just an emotion, or a thought. Its not! Motivation is the energy behind action.

No motivation and your actions are empty; without substance. However, if you add motivation to your actions, they become powerful and effective.

Motivation is the sister of intent, and together, they make us effective or ineffective people.

How is Motivation Energy?

Motivation begins with a thought or a desire. These thoughts or desires have real energy within them, and they energize whatever they touch. If these are in conversation, they energize your speech and the hearing of those that listen to them. This is a fact.

Every good salesman knows he cannot sell anything unless he is motivated and believes what he is doing is also good for those who buy. If the salesman is not “sold”, he will never sell. Being sold is his motivation energizing his thoughts, speech and finally actions.

The fact that motivation is energy is seen most easily in those people whose task it is, to convince others. You simply cannot convince others unless you are convinced. You cannot be convinced unless you are motivated.

Motivation Dispels Procrastination

Putting things off; a common human trait, is also a cause of a great many human ills and unhappy situations. If you are motivated, however, you “just do it” as the slogan goes, and step by step you eventually progress.

Do not procrastinate. If you do, you’re ideas, your thoughts become impotent, and you become impotent with them.

How to Become Motivated

There is an old prayer, where a saint is walking along with road in his bare feet, his shoes long ruined and discarded. He prayed for shoes. Just then he saw a man without feet! He withdrew his prayer, and thanked God for all his blessings.

You need no more to become motivated than to realize if you are reasonably healthy, and have the basics of life, you are more than well off. Your motivation then should be to be better in what you do, how you look, what you say, and most of all, how you are.

One needs no more than to realize most of the people in the world do not have the basics of life, yet they survive. If you ponded that thought, your motivation comes of itself.

Turning Motivation into Action

This is the easiest part of the discussion. One turns motivation into action by setting goals. Your goals must be somehow realistic, and somehow achievable. They should be (in part anyway) achievable in a reasonable amount of time. Motivation somehow needs some reward, like a horse needing a bit of sugar after working a while.

Your actions, now charged with motivation, and having a destination (goal) are the stuff that built empires. The stuff that put man on the moon, and every other wonderful achievement in man’s history.

You can apply these simple facts in your life, and you will see it improve for the better, no matter what. You must be motivated, and your motivation will energize your actions. An action, energized by motivation, and having a goal has a very large chance of success, regardless of its magnitude.

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Motivation to Lose Weight: How You Can Lose Weight

The motivation to lose weight can be very hard to find, particularly when you’ve often tried and failed before. Or when you’ve tried, done it… and then put it all back on again.

Comes a point when you just give up, accept that you are the weight and size you are and you’re stuck with it.

But the truth is that this is the best time to understand why it is that you can’t lose weight – or keep it off when you have.

In this article, we’re going to look at several things that affect your weight and are totally out of your control. These include:

  • Hormones
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Medication
  • Metabolism

After we’ve looked at the above, we’ll look at how to prepare your body to find the motivation to lose weight.

Hormones and weight loss

When you say “it’s my hormones”, people smile and give you knowing looks. But your hormones have a huge effect on your motivation, metabolism and mood.

If you’re under long term stress at work or at home, your body releases a type of adrenalin called cortisol, a hormone that affects their body shape.

And the problem is abdominal fat tends to stick around even if the original stress has passed. Why? Because by that time, your stress is about your body shape, but your hormones can’t tell the difference between the original stress and the stress about weight gain, so it just keeps pumping out the cortisol.

A study of 6,700 nurses published in the International Journal of Obesity by Overgaard et al (2004) indicated that stress and its accompanying hormone changes – due to workload in the case of those nurses – is a major contributor to weight gain, particularly around the abdomen.

It really is your hormones.

Anxiety and weight loss

Anxiety, a close relative of stress, also affects hormones.

Stress and anxiety tend to go together and as a result your body shape changes over time. The more anxious you are, the more it affects your hormones.

Weirdly anxiety can also result in weight loss. Ever heard the expression “she lives on her nerves” about a very thin woman? That’s the anxiety – and that’s not healthy either.

Medication and weight loss

Sometimes it feels like you just can’t win.

Many people do not understand that when you say “my medication makes me fat”, you are telling the unvarnished truth.

But when you have a life threatening condition like diabetes, auto inflammatory disease or epilepsy, it’s important that you keep taking the medication to keep you alive.

Anti depressants, birth control pills and antibiotics are also necessary for your health in certain circumstances

Unfortunately, that same medication makes you really hungry. All the time.

The reason farmers fill their animals with antibiotics? It makes them gain weight. It also makes you gain weight.

And there’s nothing like having a baby to make you gain weight.

Metabolism and weight loss

Some are born with a slow metabolism.

Some have slow metabolism thrust upon them.

Some people just have slower metabolisms than others. They are born that way. Which means that the “average” calorie intake for an adult tends to put weight on them.

Alternatively, those who originally had average metabolisms and gained weight, lost it, gained it back again (and more) – known as yoyo dieting – tend to develop slower metabolisms through dieting.

A recent study from the National Institutes of Health on contestants from The Biggest Loser indicated that those who lose a lot of weight are more likely to gain most of it back and can even put on more weight than before they lost it.

Their bodies went into famine mode and never came out again.

What’s the answer? How to lose weight

The answer lies in preparing your body through addressing your stress, balancing your gut and letting your body know that this is not a famine.

Stress can be reduced through gentle movement or stretching like yoga, Tai Chi or Chi Gung. Meditation can also help.

You can begin to balance your gut through adding a probiotic to your diet. My favourite is Bio Kult, but there are other brands. Make sure you choose one with many strains, rather than just one.

Living food can also help: bio active yoghurt, sauerkraut, kimchi and kefir are some examples of living food.

Add a fresh juice or smoothie to your diet. Not bought from a store, but made at home in your own juicer or blender. Fresh fruit and vegetables are incredibly nourishing. Nourishment tends to reduce hunger.

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The Importance of Motivation on Your Sales Team

Whether you are a sales person or someone in a position who manages sales people, you need to know the importance of motivation. Although many it would be great to just hire self motivated people who don’t need any help from you to take action and make sales, you need to realize that sales is a tough job and that there are people who can really become great at it with some encouragement. Being in sales can either pay you very well or can make you go broke. The better you are at sales, the more money you will make.

So where does motivation come into play? Well, the main reason that most people don’t like sales is because of having to deal with rejection. No one likes to be rejected but if you’re in sales, that’s all part of the game. The more rejections you get, the closer to a sale you will be. Now just because you expect your sales people or yourself to go out there and make those sales call like a machine, it doesn’t mean motivation should be neglected. If you are a sales person, take the time to read and listen to motivation material. By doing this, you will constantly be feeding your mind with positive and encouraging thoughts that will help you get through those days where everyone prospect seems to be in a bad mood.

For sales managers, providing your team with motivation is critical. Just look in the world of sports. Those athletes are the best in the world at what they do yet when they are losing and feeling discouraged, a simple pep talk from their coach can fire them up to the point to turn the game around. This same thing can be used on your sales people to help them see more of themselves instead of beating themselves up mentality for not making as many sales.

Motivation is important because it causes people to take action. Without action, nothing happens. The key to achieve any goal is to take action. The more action you take, the closer to your goals you will be. In order to continually take action, you will need to come up with ways to motivate yourself to do what you need to do everyday in order to reach those goals. So whether you need to motivate yourself or your team, motivation plays an extremely important role in building success.

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Misplaced Motivations

Ever have one of those days where everything goes right?

Motivation is more than a few reasons you want to get something done. Most people use money as their primary vehicle for motivation. I certainly did that during the three years I studied business at McGill University. I quickly realized my motivation was misplaced.

So how do we deal with misplaced motivation?

First we have to identify the root cause. Often when we exert a certain desire to do something, but are unsure why, as people we love and are concerned for our futures suggest ideas as to why we might like what we like. Some of these ideas shape our own personal reasons. With time, we forget what we wanted originally.

When I was 6 I sold bookmarks, when I was 12 I sold bread (home-made), and when I was 14 I shovelled driveways in the winter, raked leaves in the fall and took care of gardens in the summer.

Hence, when I told my friends that I was interested in studying business they concluded that I wanted to study Accounting, for a good knowledge of how businesses work. Accounting later turned into CGA (Certified General Accountant), which eventually became CA (Chartered Accountant). Did I really want to be a CA?

Today, my plans to become a CA have turned into an English Literature Major. How did I get from Business to English? I got brutally honest with myself and went back to when I was 12 years old.

This is what you are now going to do with yourself. Go back to the days when you knew no fear, and did what you wanted to do without any thought of the possible consequences.

That’s right, when you were 7 or 8 years old.

What did you love doing back then? You may need to call up your parents and ask them what you loved doing (i.e. whatever you did that made you smile) before you can remember.

Take a break and do this right now.

(6-10 minutes later…)

What have you come up with? Do you feel that what you wanted to do isn’t exactly what you now feel will put dinner on the table?

Join the club! But this is where the fun begins.

If what you have come up with is truly what you, only you, personally you…truly love doing, then you will make darn sure you find a way to make it work.

I understand all of this is still in your head. Imagine your entire life depends on you finding a way to make what you love BIG! In truth, your happy life depends on this. 99% of people settle for the pay check every two weeks and the boring day at the office.

This is where motivation comes into being. If you are doing what you love, you are motivated 10,000% more than if you are doing something you hate-we all know this!

For the next few days, when you express gratitude for everything that you have and are and can be, remind yourself of what you always wanted to do.

The sky is the limit! Problem is most people keep giving themselves limitations.

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How Math Video Games Can Boost Motivation to Learn

In the above said study the researchers had offered students a math video game to try their hands on. When the children played the video game collaboratively or competitively with a fellow player they automatically adopted a mindset of mastery which is highly conducive to learning, as opposed to when they were playing the game alone. It was also noticed that keenness and enjoyment of students when they played children’s educational video games increased when they played with another student.

The finding of this study has been published in the Journal of Educational Psychology and elaborates how gaming consoles, computers and mobile-based education can yield increased learning benefits.

One of the lead authors of the study, Professor Jan Plass stated that they have found ample support for well-designed math video games that they can act as effective tools for teaching students subjects that are usually less popular amongst kids. All forms of game-based learning piques the students’ interest about that subject with broadening their interests beyond the aim of just collecting points or stars.

By putting interactive educational tools to use in classrooms such as a free educational game for children which can help to improve the plaguing problems inside a typical classroom environment, which puts students in a mindset for appearing smart rather than being interested in learning.

Two main types of motivational orientations were primarily identified among students when they were engrossed in playing educational video games – the mastery motivation of achieving a goal, where kids focus on learning and developing new skills and the second being, performance-based goal orientation in which the children focus on validating their skills. So, if we consider this scenario in a classroom then students may either be interested to get better at the game (better at math) while playing or may be interested in trying to prove that they are smart or trying to avoid looking incompetent from their peers, thus enhancing performance based motivation.

While the design and content of the video games are important factors that strongly impact on the beneficial outcomes from the game but the positive result from these studies definitely showcase that gamification of education can have a significant positive impact in learning.

Some forward looking thinkers even contend that education through games hold the key to the salvation of the concept of learning- from instruction to true education. But these are predictions only and it is time that will decide what we make out of this promising new medium.

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The Tao of Motivation

If you think you need to 'get motivated' … then I am sorry but you are thinking in reverse.


Because neither motivation nor inspiration are things that you can get 'out there', like they are things you can buy at a supermarket.

Does a tree need to 'get motivated' to reach its branches towards the sky?

Does a river need to 'find inspiration' to flow down to the sea?

They sound like silly questions right?

But they are no more 'silly' then the notion that you need to 'get motivated' to be the success you are naturally destined to be.

In saying things like, "I need to get motivated" or, "I need to find inspiration" you create a separation within … a motivator and a motivatee.

Doing this can create an internal scenario where part of your mind becomes the "Task Master", the one with a whip and a drill sergeant's bellow, and another part the "Wretched Slob" who performs up to standard only to keep the whip off his back. Such internal conflict is destructive to one's well-being and is also a major waste of energy.

This type of motivation is external and artificial. 'True' motivation and inspiration are internal and come as naturally as breathing.

You see, there are four types of people. The first is the unconscious incompetent. This is the person that does not even know that they don't know. This is the lowest rung in the ladder.

The second type of person is the conscious incompetent. This is the person that knows that they don't know, but they still don't know what to do. The model above of "The Task Master" and "Wretched Slob" fits this type of person well. They consciously want to be achieving things but their internal incompetencies and personality traits sabotage this desire.

The next type of person is the conscious competent. This is the person that knows what to do, and then if they think about it, they can go ahead and do it. Instead of the "Wretched Slob" this person might internally be a "Super Star" but they still need "The Task Master" with his whip.

The highest level of person, though, is the unconscious competent. This is the person that has it so ingrained in them as to what to do, that they don't even have to think about it. They just automatically do it.

The unconscious competent does not need any sort of external motivator … motivation for them is a natural, internal state of being.

Chapter 38 of the Tao Te Ching1 begins by saying:

One of subtle universal virtue

is not conscious of being virtuous,

Therefore, he is truly virtuous.

Applied to motivation, it could be modified to say:

One of subtle universal motivation

is not conscious of being motivated,

Therefore, he is truly motivated.

Look at young children playing. Do they need conscious motivation to be playfully exuberant? It is only when social conditionings encroach that this natural exuberance diminishes and we have to resort to artificial 'motivational systems' so that we can do the things that used to come to us 'naturally'.

Here's a personal example, for a long period of time my internal "Task Master" would be always telling me to exercise more because I wasn't as fit and trim as I used to be. I tried all sorts of processes including reward / punishment systems, time management systems, personal trainers, going to the gym and the list goes on.

But then in a moment of clarity my inner youth piped up and said, "Hey! Wouldn't it be much easier if you just did something that you really enjoyed?"

That's when I discovered Hacky Sack. For the uninitiated a Hacky Sack is like a little bean bag that you have to try and keep up in the air with only your feet … just like the pro soccer plays do with soccer balls.


Playing Hacky Sack for me isn't exercise at all … not in the sense of, "OK now I am exercising." I went from struggling to 'exercise' once per week to having up to 2 or 3 full-on sessions with the Hacky Sack every single day. I grab every chance I can to kick that little sphere of joy up into the air!

You see my motivation to exercise went from an external, artificial affair to an 'unconscious competence' state of being. By digging deep within me and discovering that my true nature is very playful, exuberant, and youthful I was able to discover 'automatic motivation' to engage in exercise.

I now don't have to 'get motivated' to exercise … I just get out there and play because I am motivated from within to do something that I really love doing.

And there … right there … is the essence of motivation.

In the I Ching (the Book of Changes) 2 you will find that it is the nature of things for life to be ever-changing, ever in motion, ever 'motivating' into new manifestations. So it can be said that 'motivation' is a natural prime mover that keeps life going on its merry course.

When viewed in this light motivation can be seen as a core fundamental principle of your very being. So if you feel you are suffering from a lack of motivation it basically means you have cut yourself off from your core inner reservoirs. It means that you are not in tune with your true nature.

At a basic level this is caused by 2 things:

a) You have an internal 'blocker' that is preventing you accessing your inner reservoir of motivation. In essence, your inner 'river' of inspiration has been clogged up with a lifetime of debris and conditionings.

b) Also, a lack of motivation can be the result of engaging in something that is not truly your 'path of heart' (which is usually caused by having internal blockers).

The solution of course is to remove these internal blockers so that you can once again integrate with your limitless reservoirs of natural energy, enthusiasm, and motivation. Unblock the dam and the river flows again.

Until you can tap into your inner source of motivation your attempts to 'get motivated' will only create superficial motivation because as soon as you stop the motivation process you run out of motivation. Like when you are cold you put a jacket on to get warm, but when you take the jacket off you get cold again.

What you need to do is to reach the stage of being unconsciously competent, or unconsciously motivated. Motivation needs to be so much a part of your being that you don't even realize that you are being motivated.

You see that is the secret to motivation … it is not about how to 'get motivated' …

… but how to ' be motivation'.

Because the truth is that you already are motivation. You just need to clear away the 'debris' and let your natural motivation and inspiration flow forth.



1 Ni, Hua Ching (2003) The Complete Works of Lao Tzu. LA: SevenStar Communications Group, Inc.

2 Ni, Hua Ching (2002) I Ching, The Book of Changes and The Unchanging Truth. LA: SevenStar Communications Group, Inc

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How Motivated People Win in Life & Business

Staying Motivated to Win in Life & Business
Motivation is not the same as enthusiasm. Enthusiastic people are energized and engaged, but those who are motivated want to achieve goals beyond the level of just being excited. They are committed to working through problems and succeeding in spite of drawbacks and issues that may occur along the way. In fact, they see drawbacks as a necessary part of the process to help them win.

Motivated individuals are, by nature, geared to win and be successful. These are people with a focus on meeting miniature objectives to maximize the achievement of the overall goal. They can strategically plan how to win, and they have a level of creativity to work around problems and to see the diverse ways to reach their goals.

Internal and External Motivation
Learning how motivated people win involves learning a little about how they are motivated. There are two different sources of motivation. Motivation can be external, or it can be internal.

  • External motivation is based on rewards or, less commonly, on avoiding penalties or negative consequences. For example, winning a cash prize for the highest sales or earning a spa weekend for being voted as 'employee of the month' are sources of external motivation.
  • Internal motivation is something that is unique to each individual. It is the ability to challenge oneself, to strive to continually improve and grow as well as the desire to reach success as self-defined.

Internal motivation is a key factor for winning in professional and personal settings. External motivators are helpful, but they don't have the power and the sustainability of internal motivation.

Think of individuals who have exceed incredible odds. These people became winners in spite of the negativity or lack of support from external sources. Learning how to become self-motivated on an internal level is a powerful tool. Once learned, you can use this to chart your course to personal success.

Winning needs to be carefully defined. It is not always based on a specific, tangible outcome. Winning can also be in learning something new, becoming better in a given personal or professional area, or making steps towards your ultimate goal. With each success, you will find the capacity for internal motivation increases, which continues to support your efforts in the future.

Learning how to stay motivated and how motivated people win is key to finding long-term success in your personal and professional life.

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Equity Theory And Employee Motivation

In business, the Equity Theory of employee motivation describes the relationship between how fairly an employee perceives he is treated and how hard he is motivated to work. Peter Drucker, an author who specialized in economics, first proposed the link between Equity Theory and employee motivation.

The basic idea behind the Equity Theory is that workers, in an attempt to balance what they put in to their jobs and what they get from them, will unconsciously assign values to each of his various contributions.

In addition to their time, workers contribute their experience, their qualifications, and their capability in addition to their personal strengths such as acumen and ambition. Money, of course, is the primary motivating outcome for an employee, but it is not the only, and in some cases not even the most important, factor. Power and status are also prime motivators, as are flexibility, perquisites and variety.

According to the Equity Theory, the most highly motivated employee is the one who perceives his rewards are equal to his contributions. If he feels that he is working and being rewarded at about the same rate as his peers, then he will judge that he is being treated fairly.

This doesn’t mean that every manager should treat every employee identically, because every worker does not measure his contributions in the same way. For example, flexible working hours might motivate a working mother even more than a pay raise. Conversely, though an across-the-board wage increase may delight most employees, the highest producers may become less motivated if they perceive that they are not being rewarded for their ambition. Research on Equity Theory and employee motivation has shown that, in general, over-rewarded employees will produce more and of a higher quality than will under-rewarded, less motivated employees.

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Four Reasons Why Motivation is Important

Everyone wants to be successful. But to be successful, there is an important thing you must have and that is motivation. Here are four reasons why motivation is important for success:

1. Motivation helps you get started.

Have you noticed the difference between working on something you like and working on something you don’t like? I’m sure you can feel the difference. When you’re motivated about something, you can work on it effortlessly. Nobody needs to force you to work. Nobody needs to tell you to move. In fact, you are waiting for the opportunity to work. Since getting started is perhaps the most difficult part of getting things done, being motivated is tremendously helpful for you.

2. Motivation helps you keep moving.

Getting started is one thing but keep moving is another thing. Whatever you do, there are always obstacles along the way that can hinder you from achieving success. If you don’t have motivation, it’s easy to get discouraged when you meet such obstacles. That’s why motivation often makes the difference between winners and losers. Winners are those who can go through challenges and difficulties thanks to their motivation. Losers, on the other hand, are those who can’t go through challenges and difficulties since they lack the necessary motivation.

3. Motivation makes you do more than necessary.

If you are motivated about something you will voluntarily do more about it than what is required from you. You will naturally go further and dig deeper than other people since you love to do it. While other people will only do what is necessary, you do more than that. In such situation, there is a good chance that you will be more successful than others.

4. Motivation makes the journey fun.

People who don’t have motivation will think that the journey to success is long and difficult. Those who are motivated look at it differently. The journey is still long, but it’s an enjoyable journey. Not only can they endure it, they actually have fun along the way. Of course, there are always times when things aren’t good, but motivation enables you to endure such difficult times.


As you can see, motivation helps you in many different ways. It helps you get started, it helps you keep moving, it helps you do more than others, and it makes the journey fun. No wonder motivation plays an important role in your journey to success.

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Motivation Is Essential to a Happy Retirement

After forty years of working to earn a living, retirement seems to be a relief and many people approaching this time in their lives state that they will do precisely nothing. But these people who ensure that they are true to their word are the ones that are likely to suffer later in life. As time passes by, the less you do the less you want to do and it becomes more difficult to raise yourself from your armchair.

Not only will this mindset ensure that your retirement will be drastically cut short but quality of life will become non-existent. Regardless of how long you have been virtually housebound it takes a certain amount of positive thinking to get up and make improvements to your lifestyle. Motivation may be in short supply but that is the only thing that will make a difference.

Everything in society today is geared to encourage you to do much less and in doing so this is increasing the bank account profits of fast food outlets, supermarket delivery companies and the many online businesses from which anything can be purchased. As a result of this, a common response would be "why should I get out of my chair when I do not have to"? The answer to that is "for your own health and well-being"!

Assessing the benefits of regular movement and exercise can be the best form of motivation because when the aches and pains begin to take hold and they definitely will, remaining inactive will only make them worse. Just standing correctly over a period of time can reverse the damage that long periods of laziness can bring about.

One part of the body that suffers from inactivity is the back and back pain can become unbearable if not addressed in the proper manner. While remaining seated, posture becomes distorted and puts strain not only on the back but on a number of organs in the body and as a person puts on weight, organs become displaced and the heart has to work much harder to ensure its vital role continues.

Although all of the body's organs are important the heart is by far the one that has to be cared for the most and many people overlook this. Some are given a warning in the form of a heart attack when their heart is put under too much strain: for some this is a warning but to others a fatality.

There is only one answer and that is to get moving – take a regular walk or take up a gentle type of exercise such as yoga but the onus here is to start to become more active. The result will be an improvement in overall fitness and a vast improvement in quality of life.

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